Become an arry member
  • Verify your email.

  • Visit arry’s website through the email’s link and fill in your personal information

  • Wait for admin’s approval on your membership (An email will be sent when your membership is approved / rejected within 24 hours)

  • Login to arry’s website to make a payment for the membership fee

  • Became an arry member

  • *You can register as a pre-arry member for free to get your membership approved in advance, then pay to join the arry membership anytime you wish upon payment.
    Select restaurant
    Select the restaurant you would like to visit from the list
    Select a dining date and time
    Select a dining date/time that is shown on the restaurant’s page
    Choose party size
    You can choose a party size of 1-4 depending on the ticket availability.
    If your party size is 2 or above, your dining parties will have to be an arry or pre-arry member
    Fill in dining preference/additional request
    Ticket for 1 person
    Double check your dietary restrictions and fill in any special requests

    Ticket for 2 people or more
    Fill in the email address for each dining party and specify any special requests
    Make a payment through PayPal (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Union Pay etc is accepted on PayPal). You will receive a purchase receipt right after your purchase

    *A 5% PayPal handling fee will be charger on the receipt.
    Receive an e-ticket 7 days before the dining date
    You will receive an e-ticket 7 days before the dining date with restaurant’s access information
    Visit Restaurant
    Present the e-ticket (hard copy or electronic copy) together with your ID to enter the restaurant


    Types of membership Descriptions
    Annual Fee: Free
  • Receive monthly newsletter

  • Upgrade to be an arry member anytime upon payment
  • arry member
    Annual Fee: JPY 100,000
  • Free trial for 30 days (applies to first time arry members only). If you haven't purchased any tickets in 30 days after becoming a member, you can contact our administrator to apply for a refund (excluding PayPal handling fee)

  • Full access to the entire restaurant list

  • Purchase tickets as long as your dining schedules do not clash (You can only reserve the same restaurant once in every 3 months)

  • Subscribe to your favorite restaurants and get an email notification before the ticket releases (We will be sending email notification 30 hours and 1 hours before all ticket release to subscribed members)

  • Resell your purchased tickets on arry if you cannot make it to your reservation

  • Have priority when contacting our staff regarding any enquiries

  • As loyal members, receive an invitation to join the Mado Club

  • Previously known as Platinum members
  • MADO
    By-Invitation only
  • private, by-invitation gourmet club

  • access to Mado page

  • Mado's dining schedule is not opened to public

  • Members will meet regularly in some of the most secretive, exclusive restaurants in Japan

  • Loyal arry Members will have a chance to receive an invitation to become a Mado Club Member.
  • * All memberships require admin’s approval before any access to the web functions.




    • arry is a prepaid ticket system. Members will need to purchase a seat to make a reservation.


    • You can purchase any ticket on our site unless you have already made a reservation in the restaurant within three months


    • All tickets comes on a first come first serve basis


    • Reserved dates can no longer be changed once booked


    • Restaurants will verify your identity before entry. Registered members MUST be the ticket holder, otherwise entry would not be granted


    • The establishment will consider your reservation as cancelled if you are late. No refund will be given for such cancellations.


    • No refund will be given, unless the tickets are resold on the arry website


    • Strict implementation of the dress code: No casual wear, shorts, flip-flops, and No perfume is allowed


    • All dining parties must be aged 16 and above



    • Login and go to “My Ticket” page to use the Resale function. Members can resell their tickets on the arry website for up to 10 times annually.


    • Your tickets for resale will be posted on the restaurants page as “Resale Ticket”.


    • The more you resell, the less refund you would get for the next resale.


    • Once you confirm the resell your tickets, it will be considered as a cancellation.


    • If another arry member purchases your ticket, your reservation will be transferred to the other member’s account. You will receive a partial refund 1 – 2 months after the resale transaction.


    • If your ticket could not be sold 7 days before the dining date, your ticket will be taken down automatically. Please take note that we do not offer any refund in this circumstances.