• Can I purchase a ticket?

Pre-arry: No. You will be unable to purchase any ticket on any restaurants we work with.

arry member: Yes. You can purchase tickets as long as your dining schedules do not clash

* You can only reserve the same restaurant once in every 3 months

  • I am a pre-arry member, how can I become an arry member?

If you are an approved pre-arry member, login to your account, select "Welcome”, select " Membership”, select "Extend Membership" under "arry" member and you will become an arry member after payment.

  • Why should I become a pre-arry member?

Membership approval by our administrator would take time and it would affect your chance in getting the ticket you want. If you pre-register as a pre-arry member, you can upgrade your membership anytime you like instantly.

  • Can I change my name and username?

Once your membership is approved, you are not allowed to change your name, email, username, birthday and profile picture. Please login and contact us if you need special assistance on this matter.

You can change your preferred name. Preferred name is how you would like us or the restaurant to call you.

  • How can I get email notifications on upcoming ticket releases?

You will need to become an arry member if you wish to receive email notifications before the released tickets. Or you could subscribe to our newsletter for free to receive informations and/or updates on monthly basis.

  • Why is my account being banned?

Your account will be banned without prior notice in the following circumstances:

  1. If a registered arry member transferred a ticket unofficially, i.e. not through arry’s resell function.
  2. Any “late”, “no-shows” or complains from restaurant are considered as bad behaviors. If your bad behavior count reaches 2, your membership will be banned and removed from our website without prior notice. 



  • What is the difference between Seat Ticket, Event Ticket and Resale Ticket?

Ticket: You will be dining on your own or with another arry/free member, with no coordinator.

Event Ticket: You will be dining with a group of arry gourmet travellers at the restaurant or in a private room with a translation coordinator, an extra event fee would be involved other than the meal fee.

Resale Ticket: Tickets that are released by arry members who cannot make it to the reservation.

  • Does each ticket include tax and service charge?

Each ticket includes the meal price with tax and service charge. You do not need to pay any tips. (If you would like to have extra order or pairing that is not stated on the ticket, you will need to pay the extra amount at the restaurant by cash)

  • How many tickets can I purchase?

You can purchase tickets for any restaurant as long as you did not have a reservation at that restaurant within 3 months and if your dining schedules do not clash (4 hours before and after a reservation made).

  • Can I request on a particular dining date?

Unfortunately, we do not offer any dining dates other than the ones shown on our site.

  • How can I confirm my reservation?

After you have purchased a ticket, you will receive a receipt. You will then receive an e-ticket as a final confirmation a week prior to the dining date with restaurant access information, please bring the e-ticket with you for verification purpose.

  • Why couldn’t I make a purchase?
    • If you are not an arry member, you cannot purchase a ticket.
    • If you are in the middle of the registration process, please go to 'my checkout' or 'purchase history' to continue with your membership payment.
    • If you have a reservation made on that day, you cannot purchase another ticket 4 hours before and after that meal.
    • If you have an existing reservation at a restaurant, you cannot purchase a ticket in the same restaurant within 3 months.
    • If you have any other payment issue, please send us a message through “Contact Us”, we will be delighted to assist you.
  • Can I purchase a ticket for my friend?

As an arry member, you are not allowed to give away your tickets to your friend, as the restaurant will only allow the registered ticket holder to enter the restaurant.

Nevertheless, you could invite your friends to register as an arry or pre-arry member, and input their membership information when purchasing a group ticket, they will then be able to dine with you.

If a non-registered ticket holder attempted to enter the restaurant, we will remove the membership of the registered member without prior notice.

  • Will my tickets be valid after my membership has expired?

You can purchase any tickets until the day your membership expires. Even when your membership has expired, your reservation will still be valid. arry's terms and conditions will still apply even when your membership has expired.



  • Can I transfer my ticket to a friend?

No, every ticket transfer must take place through the resale function on arry's site.

  • How does the resale function work?

If you have purchased a ticket but need to cancel the reservation, you can resell your tickets on arry site officially. Each member can resell up to 10 times per year.

Once you resell your ticket, your ticket will be considered as cancelled. If another arry member purchases your ticket, you will receive a partial refund 1 – 2 months after the resale transaction. If not, no refund will be made.

Please go to 'My Tickets' and select the ticket you would like to resell. Once you confirmed the resale, the tickets will be posted on the restaurants' 'Resale Ticket' page. You can check the resale status on your account.

  • Can I resell my dining partner’s ticket?

If you are the buyer for a group ticket (2 person or more), you can resell your dining partner’s ticket. But the buyer could not resell his or her seat without resell all other seats purchased in the same order.

  • Why my refund amount is different from the previous one?

As we do not want to encourage our users to abuse the resale function, each member could make up to 10 resales per year. The more you resale, the lesser refund you would get for your next resale.

  • I am the buyer of a group ticket (≥ 2 pax) but I can’t make it to the reservation, what should I do?

More than 7 days before the dining date: If it's a group ticket (≥ 2 pax), the buyer must be present for the meal. Therefore, if you can't make it, you will need to resell the group ticket on arry's website officially.

Less than 7 days before the dining date: You will need to cancel your group ticket. Please login and message us through 'Contact Us'. If you did not notify us about your cancellation, we will regard it as a 'no-show'. Any 'no-show' will affect your user credibility which will affect you in getting reservations in the future.

  • Why my refund amount is different from the previous one?

As we do not want to encourage our users to abuse the resale function, each member could make up to 10 resales per year. The more you resale, the lesser refund you would get for your next resale.

  • Can I cancel my reservation?

If you still have 7 days before the dining date

You are advised to use the 'Resale Ticket' function to make a cancellation, as you might be able to get a partial refund if your ticket is resold. If you wish to cancel your reservation anyways, please login and notify us through 'Contact Us'. For cancellation in such circumstances, you are not eligible for a refund. But we will not regard your reservation as a "no-show", so it would not affect your user credibility.

If you have less than 7 days before the dining date

You will not be able to resell your ticket, so please login and notify us through ‘Contact Us’ at least 2 days before the reservation date. For cancellation in such circumstances, you are not eligible for a refund. We will not regard your reservation as a "no-show" if you have contacted us, hence such cancellation will not be counted as a bad behavior count. 

  • Why my ticket is being cancelled?

If you have made unreasonable purchases, such as purchasing and reselling tickets of the same time slot for numerous times, we will regard it as suspicious reselling/transferring activities. We will freeze the member’s account until we have finished the investigation.

If there are proofs of suspicious reselling or transferring activities, without prior notice, we will delete the member's account and cancel all reservations made under that account without refund.



  • How can I make a payment?

arry uses PayPal or WeChat Pay as our payment gateways. 

  • What is PayPal?

PayPal accepts major credit cards such as Visa, MasterCard, America Express, DinersClub, Union Pay and more. Please refer to Paypal’s site for more details.

  • How is the exchange rate determined for PayPal?

All payments on arry are settled in Japanese Yen and the exchange rate is based on Paypal’s exchange rate of the day. (Extra charges might be applied by your credit card company for international purchases.)

WeChat Pay
  • What is WeChat Pay?

WeChat pay is a payment solution integrated in China’s biggest social and messaging application of Tencent: WeChat.

  • How to use WeChat Pay?
  1. Download the app "WeChat" on your mobile phone and register an account with WeChat
  2. Go to “Wallet” and tie a Chinese bank credit or debit card to your account
  3. After confirming an order on arry, select WeChat Pay as your payment method
  4. Your total amount in Japanese Yen will be converted to Renminbi (the exchange rate will be a fixed rate – 1JPY :0.069RMB)
  5. Scan the QR code on our website and proceed to payment on your WeChat app.
  6. If the payment is successful, you will receive a confirmation email.

* For more information on WeChat, please visit WeChat Help Centre

  • How is the exchange rate determined for WeChat Pay?

arry charges all transactions at a fixed exchange rate pre-determined by our system. The exchange rate is:  1JPY :0.069 RMB in June 2019.

  • Why can’t I pay with WeChat Pay?
  1. WeChat's "Wallet" is only available to users registered in mainland China, Hong Kong and South Africa. If your account is registered outside of mainland China, Hong Kong and South Africa, "Wallet" will not be available. 
  2. Tie a credit or debit card that is issued by a Chinese bank in China. Credit cards issued outside of China might not work sometime.
  • Payment failure would occur under the following circumstances:
  1. Wrong credit card information.
  2. You have used over 10 minutes to purchase the ticket. We will automatically release your ticket if the payment is not made within 10 minutes.
  • Where is my pending payment?

For purchase you have made within 10 minutes, please go to 'Welcome' > 'My Checkout'.

For purchase you have made for more than 10 minutes, please go to 'Welcome' > 'Purchase History'.

If you took more than 10 minutes to purchase a ticket, the ticket will be released. Please make the purchase again.

  • How much do I actually need to pay to make a reservation?

On top of the ticket price, you will need to pay 5% for PayPal or WeChat handling fee.

  • How can I get a refund?

If the restaurant cancelled the seats under special circumstances, we make a full refund to your Paypal account.

If you resold a ticket on our website, you will get a partial refund. The amount will be stated before you resell the ticket.

If the member could not resell the ticket on our website or need a cancellation, we will not offer any refund.

  • Do I get a refund on my membership fee?

If you are a new arry member and did not make any reservation within 30 days, please email our administrator through ‘Contact Us’ and request to cancel your membership.

You can get a refund on the membership price, but the PayPal transaction fee involved will not be refunded. It would take about 1-2 months to get your refund.

If you have made any reservations under your account previously or notify us about the membership cancellation 30 days after the registration date, no refund will be granted.



  • What is the difference between 'Purchase History', My Checkout', and 'My Tickets'?

My Checkout: it shows your most recent pending payment

Purchase History: it shows all your purchase records including tickets and membership purchase

My Tickets: you can manage all your ticket purchase

If you have a pending payment, please check your record in 'My Checkout' or 'Purchase History'.

  • How can I subscribe/unsubscribe to restaurants?

Please login and go to "My Subscriptions", check the restaurant that you wish to subscribe or unsubscribe.



  • What if I want to add wine pairing/add additional orders?

We do not include any wine pairing options/extra order service unless stated otherwise on our tickets. Please feel free to add extra order and pay the extra amount at the restaurant, but availability and price will not be guaranteed.

  • I might be late for my reservation, what should I do?

If the ticket holder is running late (an allowance of 15 minutes), the ticket holder must contact arry’s admin team 30 minutes before the reservation time. If not, such behaviour will be counted as a bad behavior. If an arry member has 2 bad behavior counts, his or her account will be banned without prior notice.

  • Can I change my ticket to another time slot/date?

We do not offer any exchange on dining time slots. If you wish to dine at another time, please purchase a ticket again.

  • What should I do if I (or my dining companion) have dietary restrictions?

Since our system only allows an arry member or a pre-arry member to be a ticket holder, every member should have written their dietary restrictions in their profile. You can also state the request in ‘special request’ when purchasing a ticket.

  • What should I do if I have other additional request?

If you have any other special request, such as birthday celebrations, anniversary, taxi service after meal, please fill in your request when you are purchasing the ticket. We will try our best to fulfill your need, but we cannot guarantee it.

  • Can I bring my kids to dine with me?

Children aged below 16 will not be admitted to the restaurant. Your ticket will be regarded as cancel on spot if one of the dining party is under aged 16.



  • What is Mado?

MADO is a private, by-invitation gourmet club. The club members will meet regularly in some of the most secretive, exclusive restaurants in Tokyo. Nevertheless, Mado's dining schedule is not opened to public. 

  • How can I become a Mado member?

Mado membership is by-invitation only. Loyal platinum arry members will have a chance to receive an invitation.

If you would like to learn more about the membership, please join to be a pre-arry or arry member. Login and go to "Newsfeed", look for the article "About joining the MADO Club" for more information.



  • What is considered a misbehaviour?
    • If you are late for over 15 minutes without notifying us
    • If you did not show up for your reservation without notifying us
    • If we received complaints from the restaurant If someone else showed up for your seat
    • If you are using the identity card of another person If you use informations of a third party without their agreement
    • If you use the Website in a way to cause it to be interrupted, damaged, rendered less efficient or in a way that the effectiveness or functionality of the Website is impaired  
  • About misbehaviour record
    • If you are late or missed your booking for the first time, your misbehaviour record will be in your record for 24 months. After 24 months, the misbehaviour record will be wiped out.  
    • If you are late or missed your booking for the second time, the second record could not be wiped out.  If you have any other misbehaviour record mentioned in the section above, those record will be permanent.  
  • About user credibility  
    • If you have TWO misbehaviour record, your membership will be banned and removed from our website without prior notice, all bookings under that account will be cancelled without refund.  
    • The member will no longer be able to reapply for our membership. Please note that some restaurants might not accept bookings for members who has misbehaviour records.  
  • About MADO member's credibility
    • If you would like to join the MADO club, you cannot have any misbehaviour record, or you will need to wait until your misbehaviour record is wiped out.
    • If you have a misbehaviour record after you became a MADO member, your membership will be removed. Only until your misbehaviour record is cleared out, you could reapply to be a MADO member. (Please know that the misbehaviour record only includes being late or missing a booking)



  • How to contact arry?

For arry members: Go to "Welcome" > "Contact Us", we will prioritise your enquiry.

For public: Please go to the bottom of the page and click "Contact Us" to send an enquiry.

For press or business inquiries: Please email info@arryjapan.com